“APEC 全球价值链合作伙伴平台”写入APEC贸易部长会“共同行动”

 2017年5月21日,由中国和印尼两国共同倡议的“APEC 全球价值链合作伙伴平台”获得了第23届APEC贸易部长会(越南)21个经济体的一致认可;并作为本次会议的成果之一,写入第23届APEC贸易部长会“共同行动”。



“We welcome the progress in implementing the work streams under the APEC Strategic Blueprint for Promoting Global Value Chains Development and Cooperation. We recognize the importance of ensuring SMEs’ participation in GVCs in both major industries and services. We note the establishment of the APEC Global Value Chain Partnership Platform. We welcome the activities made so far in implementing the Strategic Framework on Measurement of APEC Trade in Value-Added (TiVA), moving towards the eventual completion of the APEC TiVA Database by 2018.”

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